25 ways not to get caught on treason

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 Betrayal of her husband for a woman is always a great tragedy. There is a way - do not change and do not cause pain native person. But there are some men who just can not go "on the side". In this case, everything must be done so as not to arouse suspicion and wife without getting caught by the change.

1. Never say, "to stay at work" or "was another." These arguments are not only suspicious, but can be easily verified. Think of something else, for example, "stand in line behind the flowers."

2. Do not pretend that suddenly imbued with affection for his wife. It is can be very alert.

3. Do not start abruptly give gifts and wife make a compliment, if earlier you did not.

4. Behave naturally.

5. At night, always at home. If you want to change the wife, do it at another time of day.

6. Always have on hand silnopahnuschih deodorant. This is to kill the smell of perfume lover.

7. Give mistress same spirits enjoyed your spouse.

8. To avoid such a classic puncture as lipstick on the collar, carry a spare shirt.

9. Take care of a secret apartment, which no one will know except you and your lover.

10. Try not to get caught in the eye of friends, to meet better to leave the city.

11. Find a job with a non-standard schedule or regular trips.

12. Have a trusted friend.

13. In order not to fall for the name, think of the mistress and the wife the same nickname.

14. Can you find a mistress named the same as the wife.

15. If you carry any lover in the car, then make sure that she had not forgotten her in his stuff.

16. Try to remember schedule wife not to accidentally cross it in the city.

17. Under no circumstances do not drive a mistress home.

18. Do not stay with his mistress even just next to the house.

19. If you still brought his mistress to his home after she left all carefully check to make sure we never turned her hair barrettes or lipstick, for example.

20. Never give his mistress home phone number.

21. Do not write anywhere her phone number.

22. Always keep in mind the perfect collection of a variety of excuses.

23. Do not start the mistresses of friends and girlfriends wife.

24. Do not get on the side of too many relationships.

25. Never, under any circumstances, to confess their sins.

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