The death of romance: who is to blame?

The death of romance: who is to blame?
 Flowers, lovely trips to the cinema, the excitement before each rendezvous, sleepless nights. That's how many relationships begin: romantic, a little timidly and insanely nice. But it is necessary to begin to live together, how it disappears somewhere. In place of flowers and night walks come home torn shorts and routine.

Romance adorns a woman's life, inspires and delights. But what if all the cute antics of your beloved in the past? Why does this happen? Nothing seems to be not changed, on the contrary, your relationship has become stronger and more serious.

That is one of the reasons for leaving the romance of your life. Man is by nature a hunter. When he meets a woman interested him, he strives to do everything to achieve his goal and win her. In the course are various tricks, including those that women are called naive romantic charms. Flowers, past rows of cinemas, cozy blankets with hot tea in the evening - all disarms women. Once a man realizes that his goal is achieved, he relaxes. It does not matter how long he shaved or the last time I invited for dinner. A woman should tolerate it, whatever it was.

Often contributes to the evaporation of romance lack of free time. When you need to feed the whole family, wash, clean up, work 8 hours on a romance is all about? Men say they could be somewhere to get out, but the woman is always busy. And it does not occur to the idea that you can take half of household duties themselves. Free time could be carried out at your favorite restaurant in a cozy setting.

Lack of desire in men to do something nice beloved may be based more on differences in tastes and preferences. For example, he doted in billiards, and you absolutely do not want to even look at the green table surface. In this case, a man, of course, much easier to say that you do not like to spend time as he wants. Why look for classes that give pleasure to both, and bring romantic music in everyday life? You can just put all the responsibility on the woman and go about their business.

However, not only men are to blame for the absence of romance. A woman should always be beautiful, attractive and mysterious to elect repeatedly won it. In this case, the romance of long dwell in your house.

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