Star novels 2011

Star novels 2011
 Hollywood stars often chained to everyone's attention, saying divorce and engagements. Let's look at a couple of the most talked about in recent novels celebrities.

Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron

Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron once again proved to be on everyone's lips after last year saw them hugging on the street. Pictures bypassed all known tabloids, and a couple had no choice but how to stop hiding their relationship.

Everyone remembers their joint work in the film "Devil's Advocate" (2007) and "Sweet November" (2001), in which they looked so good together. But during the filming of Keanu Reeves was fascinated by the actress Jennifer Syme and waited with her child, who, unfortunately, was not destined to see the light - the baby died in the womb, which soon died tragically. Reeves long experienced the incident, not daring to start a serious relationship, but this year we may be going to witness his romance with Charlize Theron.

To the novel with the star of "The Matrix" Charlize met with Stuart Townsend, relations with whom she began back in 2004 on the set of the thriller "24 hours". 6 long years, the couple was considered one of the standard in Hollywood, however, last year, Charlize said about the meaninglessness of their future relations.
Recall that Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron shared the 11-year-old age difference: he was 46 and she was 35.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

Hollywood couples are doomed to close acquaintances during joint surveys, and Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were no exception - we all remember their excellent work in the film "The Proposal" (2009), which became, apparently, the starting point of their relationship, which continued in This year, on the set of the new film "The most desirable" (2012).

While there is no official confirmation of the fact that Reynolds and Bullock together, but there are rumors that the divorce Ryan and Scarlett Johansson is not an accident. In addition, their joint meeting of the new 2011 and active in the ski resort in Wyoming, give every reason to believe that this year the celebrity couple will delight their fans novel.

Funny, but Sandra and Ryan shared the 12-year age difference, and her 46, and he's only 34.

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