Parting with a man

Parting with a man
 Well, when the feelings between two people at once extinguished, and the separation does not cause heartache. But more farewell to former partner delivers nothing but negative emotions.
 The most important thing when parting - the ability to time to dot the «i» and eliminate any innuendo. Of course, it is desirable to give each other all the civilized, with a quiet conversation, but if emotions overflow, do not hesitate to show them. It is not necessary to conceal that pent up in the shower, otherwise you will continue to be difficult to accept the breakup on a subconscious level. Since you have decided to part with a man, it is worth to find the strength to tell him decisive and final "goodbye."

Even if you become the initiator of care, it is not a guarantee of getting rid of inner restlessness and anxiety. However, you can make the gap less painful for the partner, while maintaining self-esteem and avoid remorse. For the decisive conversation is very important to choose the right moment. Prepare for it in advance, to the extent possible not to hurt the male ego. Do not rush, but also delay the speech is also not necessary: ​​each minute of the conversation causes pain and discomfort to both. You should not start a conversation when there was a lot of serious problems requiring immediate intervention.

Control your emotions and consider the nature of your partner. If you are dealing with a weak and dependent person, in any case, do not give in to his manipulation and pressure on your mercy. If a man is different violent, explosive character, it is not necessary to report its decision to leave suddenly for him. In any case, try to keep a straight face, even if you reproach of cruelty and callousness.

Keep the conversation quietly, in trust, frank tone, avoiding any ambiguities and misunderstandings. Give a man to understand that the way back in your relationship and never will be. Do not be afraid to be firm and decisive, otherwise you will just never get out of the vicious circle of lies and innuendo.

Looks very tempting decision to end the relationship bored on the phone, but this is only possible when between you almost everything has been said. In this situation, an extra meeting will only add you both disappointments. Note an important point - the better you will monitor this situation, the less she will make losses.

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