Living together: how to start a conversation?

Living together: how to start a conversation?
 Acquainted and talking for a while, you begin to understand that separation for a few hours with your loved one more unbearable. Only one way out - to live together. But how and where to start this important conversation, thus be sincere and find the right words?

First, let's think about it and weigh. The conversation should start with memories of time spent together, the first dating and socializing, the first touch to the body and the first kiss. Plunge into the emotions and feelings of the first meetings, when the fire of passion and love was just starting to flare up.

Then you can submit your future together, as if preparing a partner for life together. Describe the picture of how you will live together at home is cozy and warm together. If your spouse is ready, it can be described and future children as they would like you to raise them together. Feel the touch of bodies, not only during your meetings, but waking up in the morning or coming tired after a hard day's work. But do not draw a utopia, describes the achievable goals, further description of the ideal life can only cause disappointment. Can try to draw together a picture of your common future. It is better to choose this secluded, romantic or distant from the people place.

Seeing a loved one positive reaction to what is happening, you can begin to master, not forgetting that both of you may have disturbing questions about the possibility of losing existing relationship or separation. However, cohabitation or marriage always involve compromise, know how to give each other.

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