Leaving to go?

Leaving to go?
 Life is unpredictable, and often presents the fate of such a surprise that the recent decision suddenly becomes untrue. Parting from loved ones, friends, acquaintances, work team, always leave a good impression in case you need to go back. In other words, make the separation so that you did not think about the bad.
 To the people with whom you are for any reason to leave, were ready to take you back with open arms, make your maximum diplomatic rupture. This applies not only to the workers and business relationships, but also personal. Small world, you may have in the future to deal with these people.

Parting with the staff and business partners should not be turned into a story about what you think of them. Leave your emotions to yourself, do not boil. Slosh all the accumulated negativity can provoke a response. As a result, the last moments of communication with people at risk to develop into a scandal followed him stress and nervous shock. Even if it does not come to all bridges will be hopelessly burned, and relations with former colleagues will definitely spoiled.

Informing about quitting, try to do this as well as possible and delicate. Parting with the working team in the first place inform the board leadership, and then colleagues and subordinates. If possible, do not brag about his new job, the salary and prospects. It is better to tell everyone thanks for the help in the work and a good relationship, write contact friends and promise to keep in touch with them. Resignation write briefly, indicating a neutral reason for leaving. If shift work is planned in advance, inform the management about it for a couple of months. If management will offer you during this time to prepare the replacement, go to meet him. Or recommend someone that can replace you.

The same is true in personal relationships. Do not tell the person with whom to leave, as well you will be without it. On the topic of your personal life after breaking up is better to remain silent. Thank for all the good that the man you could do. Do not delete the contacts. If you broke up with your loved one, for objective reasons, for example, in connection with a change of residence, try to put it in a known long before the break. This will help him prepare mentally, and not to be astonished unexpected news.

Complete all common tasks and projects, if they bind you. Or, enter as much detail in the course of the case, that you are no further questions. Depending on the circumstances and causes of separation you can call former friend or loved one 1-2 times a week.

Do not leave a mess behind. This also applies to the workplace, and to the apartment in which you are with someone lived together.
Do not forget that parting with anyone - it is an important event in my life. Therefore they are related to this responsibility seriously, remembering that this person or persons may still have to face. And relevant to you will depend on your care.

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