Is jealous ex?

Is jealous ex?
 Jealous - a character trait, it is very difficult to contain and can not be eradicated. Partners often jealous of each other, but sometimes jealousy persists after separation.
 Strong jealousy experienced two categories of men: diffident (dependent) and selfish woman who believe their property.

In this second category often manifests despotic and consumer attitude toward your partner. Such men perceive a loved one as an object of pleasure, their property, so after breaking up may continue to feel a sense of jealousy and make a complaint.

Jealousy insecure people is manifested in relationships in milder forms, but so often and unnecessarily, which also becomes a great test for a serious relationship. After leaving these men may not show signs of jealousy, keep everything in himself. Becomes much easier for them after they find a new partner. While selfish men display a sense of jealousy, and in some cases, aggression, regardless of how the sum of their personal life after separation.

Argued that jealousy - it is a sign of love, on the basis of which, many conclude that the former continues to experience deep feelings. This is a big mistake. Certainly, jealousy shows that you care about him, but it is a measure of emotional attachment than serious feelings.

Jealous people appears in early childhood. It provokes a lack of parental care, or, on the contrary, overprotection. Needless demanding and hectic parents invade the personal space of the child, forming a pattern of behavior, which he carries in his relations in adulthood. From this we can conclude that if your partner was previously pathologically jealous and control every step you take, even after breaking up he will feel a sense of jealousy, until then, until after the emotional attachment.

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