How to woo the Man

How to woo the Man
 So, you're in love. He studies in parallel group, rents an apartment on the contrary, is your co-worker, or you go to the same shop every day. For the most part, it does not matter where you are interacting. The main thing - to know how to curry favor with this guy.
 To begin please note that from time immemorial man was a hunter, and a woman - prey. Therefore, any action to win your guy in any case should not resemble tactics earner. Otherwise, any man will flee from you.

So, in men it is in the blood: conquer, conquer and achieve. Your task - to create a goal for someone who you like, be it a potential game.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Do you imagine? Do not ignore the unshakable saying that meet on clothes. First, get your appearance. The most important thing in this issue - not the presence of expensive brands of clothing and cosmetics, and cleanliness and neatness. Can add to their appearance those attributes that you think will contribute to woo the guy. For example, heels, light-colored clothes, flower in hair, dark stockings or something else.

Second, remember that you are born a princess. In pre-revolutionary Russian girls up to 10 years wings sewn to clothing, in order to instill in them a sense of self-esteem. Raised in the tradition of such a girl is not afraid of men, from birth she considered herself worthy to her to look beautiful, presented with flowers, singing serenades under the window and gave her happiness. Keep in mind that if you are going to love itself, then the guys will be around for you to hunt. Girl, full of dignity, emits waves of love. Surrounding the guys and want to conquer it, to take under its protection, make happy. However, adhering to this image, do not go beyond what is permitted, do not overestimate yourself.

Further, after the man will pay attention to you, do not rush immediately to throw herself into his arms with a plea in his eyes: "How long have I waited for you! ". Keep your distance for a while, try to learn more about a guy to understand whether he is the one with whom you will be happy.

Finally. Whatever happens, stay within yourself benevolent attitude towards the world, to all men, familiar and unfamiliar. Smile seller of electronics, programmer in your office, a pizza delivery and even the homeless at the bus stop. This will create around themselves the energy space of positive emotions, which wants to find himself any guy.

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