How to overcome the disappointment

How to overcome the disappointment
 Far not everyone can immediately find the person that has developed a long and happy married life. Usually people are not experiencing one disappointment and unhappy love. Girls harder to endure separation and loss "rose-colored glasses", but not to attack each time the same mistake of failures need to learn, not only to kill, feeling sorry for yourself.
 The young man was not a "prince on a white horse," and the average manager in the store, but, in addition, with a mass of bad habits? This is quite an ordinary story that takes place in the life of every girl. The bitterness of disappointment and resentment on the fate do not give you a sober analysis of the situation. But it must be done necessarily to go to a new relationship better prepared and reasonable, not blindly succumb to feelings.

Remember the birth of your novel, what drew you to the guy on that you did not pay attention to that prefer to close their eyes? Do not think that your love will overcome all obstacles and fix all the flaws of a young man. Do not tear his hair, cursing himself for lack of foresight! Think about what it could go much further and result in much worse.

Try to look for a loved one is not in nightclubs or discos, and in the gym, at exhibitions or ask friends to introduce you to the good guys. Look to colleagues. Thus it is possible to exclude a certain percentage of unpleasant surprises that await you when meeting in the street or at the disco. Dating when it carefully and keep accurate communication, should not be ignored.

It's all about selecting a new guy. But we can not forget about their behavior in a relationship with her lover. If your romance develops harmoniously and was accompanied by the joy of communicating with each other, would not follow separation. Maybe you should something change their behavior to avoid any conflicts and quarrels. Be softer and softer with a man, you now do not need new shocks.

Look at the choices impartially, immediately exclude those who doubt. Treat with a fair share of responsibility for their lives, do nothing rashly. Disappointment will be easier to bear if you firmly believe that learned the lesson, that in the future you will not have to wait the same trouble. Do not despair, there are no tears in endless comfort.

Tune in to a positive start and chat with gay and cheerful people. Find a new occupation or hobby. Think about your children's dreams and begin to attend dance lessons, drawing or playing guitar. So you change your lifestyle, join a new community and gain impetus for personal growth. And all this will help to get rid of fruitless self-blame and pessimism.

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