How to get the guy to confess his love

How to get the guy to confess his love
 Sometimes it happens that the fair sex can not understand that they felt towards them of their elected representatives. That's why girls are trying in every way to encourage the guys to confess in love.
 Sometimes it is enough that a man confesses his feelings in those moments when his girlfriend is depressed or experiencing any difficulties. It's enough to just gently bring to this conversation. If he just calms you and says that everything will be fine, he is unlikely to experience serious feelings for you.

In some cases, can act ultimatum put forward by a girl who is not afraid to admit their feelings first and require the same response. But things like that abuse is not necessary.

It is important that the man realized what an important role to play his confession, then he will do it himself, without any clues. This will act at all, even for guys who are modest and are afraid to say so.

Fear talk about their feelings occurs in men because they are afraid of being misunderstood and rejected. It is possible that today a great relationship is over, and tomorrow you will give him the all-clear. Then it becomes an automatic recognition of defeat on the love front.

In this case, you will be very difficult to build a relationship. You'll get from him loyalty and attention, but he never tells you how much he loves you. He even imagine this is not always able to admit, so you'll have to wait. Remind him of what a great role for you to play your relationship, and one day he will answer you the same sincerity. The main thing - do not miss this happy moment.

If your man does not differ closed, then you can take help of your friends in common. Let them ask him to talk about their feelings, it is possible that it will bear fruit, as the opinion of friends often play an important role in the lives of boys. Alternatively, you can chat with his mother, in the event that you are sure that she will understand your problem and will be on your side.

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