How to avoid separation

How to avoid separation
 Quarrels and scandals even passionately loving each other people are able to bring to the separation. Nobody likes conflict, but how to avoid it? The ability to live in love and peace does not depend on a person's age, and experienced couples may scandals and breaking plates on the walls, eventually bringing his life before the divorce.
 The first argument usually end rapid reconciliation and passionate kisses. But it is also fraught with the deterioration of the situation - someone from the pair can come up with the refreshing attitude that's so. It seems that so nice to rekindle the fire of passion was damped fire burning feeling that erupted from the fear of losing their beloved.

In most cases, these manipulators are girls. A guy obediently offended loses his temper, hot and feelings of helplessness. And then he is allowed to cover the screenwriter kisses. But one "beautiful" moment of your favorite prefer to leave, slamming the door, and will not allow more to dispose of so unreasonable their feelings.

By parting may lead diametrically opposite situation. That is, people are dissatisfied with their relationship, but they do not talk about it in silence save up anger and resentment. From unspoken angry words is heating up the atmosphere, which can cause an explosion of emotions and a quick break or quiet intelligent separation. In such cases, you need to talk to each other and correctly express their grievances. Daily conversations improve mutual understanding in a pair, will teach to communicate and understand the partner.

If a man is required to stay upright, and he could not stop the scandal, leaving the last word for a woman to give him. After all, nothing bad will happen if you recognize his "brilliant mind"!

Having started to live together, many lovers find a partner a lot of new and hitherto unknown. This is not always a pleasant habit. Advance prioritize - what you reconciled, and that you will not tolerate never. Generally, you need to negotiate and discuss all contentious issues, so you learn to trust each other and come to an understanding.

Do not invite into your relationship a third party, whether mom-dad-girlfriend or friends. He and she! And no one else! Even the family and people close to you can not adequately assess what is happening in your personal life, so their advice is likely to lead to a break with your loved ones.

Mirites first, if you love the person. Men are not always able to find an elementary words that express his feelings. If he slowly stroking your finger on the shoulder, it means that he begs for forgiveness. You have already grown from toddlers inflated kids, go and kiss her lover.

Almost never leave couples in which the husband considers himself head of the family, grunts and shouts, and his wife certainly agree with his opinion, but does so as it sees fit!

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