How to avoid separation

How to avoid separation
 Symbol of separation - the heart, torn in half. Indeed, the relationship rarely die without almost physical pain. People seemed made for each other, diverge, making a beautiful fairy tale about love in the teeth on edge sad story. Watching it, you know, if you can avoid separation, it is necessary to give up all power.
 Frequent cause of rupture is an insult. Psychological analysis shows that people tend to act impulsively under the influence of a momentary mood, as a rule, are denied the right partner to have flaws and make mistakes. Meanwhile, it is a common human trait inherent in each. If you are bringing a partner excessive demands, it is likely that the separation is not far off. On the other hand, if you are tolerant and not prone to selfishness, the prognosis for long-term relationships more favorable.

Often detractors, knowing about your temper and categoricalness in decision-making, trying to play on it, to destroy the couple. This can be done out of jealousy or envy. If you do not want your love fell victim to evil tongues, never listen to gossip about its second half. Sometimes abuse the trust can and relatives, who believe that you are the chosen one pair. It's not even that they tell the truth or not. It is important that your relationship - not their business. At the first attempt to relatives and friends bring to your attention, "important information", let them know that people who collect gossip about the one you love, a good relationship can not be.

If the situation is still tense, and you're on the verge of breaking up, again all well ponder. Leave not long, but find their true soul mate and more can not be lucky.

Important in a relationship is the ability to discuss issues, and not waiting for when they will mature and become painful. A good rule of thumb is dissatisfied with something - say. In this case, you will achieve two goals: first, would bring to the attention of a loved one that you do not like and why; Secondly, release steam.

Of course, communication, and in this case must remain polite and friendly. The use of expletives is unacceptable. No wonder it is considered that each word has its own energy field, its vibration. When you are surrounded by negative energy, before parting to reach very easily. Conversely, if you respect each other and express it, first of all, to communicate, to save feelings and relationships much easier. Let your house will become a safe haven in a sea of ​​violence and vulgarity, and a loved one does not want you to leave.

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