How do I make it go away

How do I make it go away
 It is not always possible to say with confidence that your love will never end. Strong pairs before reunite undergo many difficult and painful relationships. If you feel that another love story comes to an end, try not to waste time and to gain strength and do everything possible to complete the more unnecessary relationships and go forward.
 Talk openly with your partner. Explain that you have been feeling or list the reasons that do not allow you to be together. If a man cherishes you, he is likely to try to convince you. If you have made a firm decision not to save the relationship out of pity. You have not shown this noble and just will torment you in love with a man waiting for a permanent separation.

If a man even after a very serious conversation with you does not want to leave, but you can not live alone, have to try to he left. Stop do all the housework women: Do not cook, do not wash and clean the apartment. This will cause irritation, because men appreciate comfort.

Start a man suspected of infidelity and carefully check his phone and email. Begin to come to work for him without warning, reproach for each glance at another woman. Do not stop your jealousy and suspicion to make a man feel like a hunted animal.

Demand from men to constantly spend on trifles. Let your desire to buy new things will all boundaries. When a man is true you try to reason with - start to reproach him for greed. Do not settle until until you get the desired. And when will achieve your goals, start again.

Skandalte often, especially in public. Men can not tolerate such humiliation. Rare representative of the stronger sex sustain that. After several such scenes, even the most patient man wants to say goodbye to skandalistki.

Tell the man that found the other. And if the complexity of your character he was trying to make, change is not easy. There are men that can close your eyes to infidelity. But if you use it in combination with the above methods, even the most stubborn boyfriend decides to separation.

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