He does not like me

He does not like me
 So, in your relationship is the moment when you realize that he does not love you. Perhaps he himself said about it. Or did you come to that conclusion. You can try to revive the relationship, if there is still hope that the feeling is just cool. But they may disappear altogether.
 Understand that if he really does not love you more, the continuation of the relationship becomes too oppressive occupation. And for him and for you. Neither of which do not have to dream of happiness. How sad, but it is necessary to leave. And it's better to do it in an amicable way than otherwise.

Sit down and talk to him. Understand your relationship. It is better to know exactly what was the end of love, or an urgent need to refresh the senses. Struggling, try not to make a scene and tantrums. Even if you really want. Take care of the nerves themselves and him. After all, you want everything to be in a good ?!

Yet in any case it is not necessary to persuade him to suffer until you change and become completely different. Usually this does not help, especially if it exactly sure what the feelings are cool. Not to humiliate or threaten - it's much worse than all the scandals. After such action on your part, it is definitely not want to have anything to do with you.

And immediately after parting learn to live without him. Remove the farthest closet all the items that you are reminded of the past. If you have the courage - throw them. It may very well help writing a farewell letter or note. Write it all you want, and all that you feel. Do not send it to the addressee, and just put together with those things that you have decided to remove from sight or throw. Alternatively, the burn it. This will be your personal symbol of separation. Show imagination, you can even come up with a special ritual of burning the letters and destroying things.

Occupy yourself with something to get rid of painful thoughts. Many head immersed in work, household chores. Carry out long-planned plans: to make moving furniture, buy something expensive and beautiful, to go to the resort. Psychologists have long proven that shopping for a woman - the best medicine just stress and depression. Implementation of long unfulfilled dreams and desires will increase your self-esteem and will feel happy. Recruit friends to their actions - and you will be happier, and get support.

But do not try to return the person with whom already parted. One can not enter the river twice. Leave it in the past. Do not call him, do not write, do not interest them, and do not send anything in words through mutual friends. Not develop an action plan to revitalize the senses, do not dream of continuing relationship. If you will be easier to splash out thoughts on paper: write down your thoughts, your feelings and your observations of him. Important: write on paper, not in blogs, forums and social networks!

It often happens that feelings suddenly cooled cover again. And not only you, but also it. It can reach even up to new meetings and visits. Remember that this is only a temporary phenomenon. Usually after 2-3 visits such people to part again, this time easily and without regrets. Try not to make mistakes and follies. You can go to a meeting, you can even go a little further ... but precautions should be in the first place, as long as these bye anyone, nor are non-binding.

Anyway, over time you will begin to feel better. Feelings will be, will be forgotten memories, impressions will be erased. Just for you, perhaps, will need a little more time than others. Try to understand yourself: it often happens that you no longer have any feelings for your ex, but anger and resentment over the fact that you threw, does not give you peace of mind. Forgive him for everything, and you will feel better.

And believe that there will be one day when you meet her new love. When there is a new young man worthy of you and able to give you the long-awaited happiness.

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