Happy together, or the art of negotiation

Happy together, or the art of negotiation
 Joint life is unthinkable without having to deal with many important issues together. You can safely assert that you respect and value the opinions of others, but now comes the chance to prove it in practice - and many are faced with unforeseen difficulties. Everyone thinks that it was his opinion the most correct, but if you respect the interlocutor, you must assume that he also believes his opinion exactly the most loyal. You must be able to negotiate.

First of all, it should be clearly understood that there are really important areas for solutions in which one of the spouses may simply be incompetent. In this case unwise to compromise, to better explain how this is possible, perseverance partner what he is wrong. The main thing - it is by all means to reach an understanding. After all, there are also subject to controversy, where to find the right solution is not possible, since any choice will be subjective, and here we must be able to concede.

But what exactly is considered an important subject of the dispute, and what is not? There is a simple criterion: the subject of disagreement important relations themselves or it is not so significant? Of course, in reality, it does not define that easy, some general questions can not be simple. When the subject of the dispute is not of great importance, be, if anything, ready to give up. So it is possible to maintain a relationship: first learn to concede.

To avoid mistakes and not to take an important issue for not too important, and vice versa, you need to clearly understand what the goal is and what means. Importance is precisely the goal. If the dispute is underway about it, this is a serious question. Means to achieve the same goals as there are many, and if one of them is not satisfied with a partner, you can find more. The only exception - the situation when the means to an end, there is only one. But it happens very rarely. Most of the most serious disputes, oddly enough, is related to means, not ends. When it comes to the really important people quarrel is much less, otherwise they probably would not have chosen each other as partners.

Ask yourself what you really need. What reason is behind your requirement that the partner refuses to comply? If this can be achieved in any other way, then it might be worth trying? Surely there are options to achieve results that will suit your partner.

The reason that people are often reluctant to concede - he wants to be right. Even if you know that in this situation offers the right solution partner, you still argue, because you want to rightness is yours. But there is something more important than correctness: it is - the result. Clever women in disputes with their favorite men used one, but it is extremely important and effective counterargument: they agree. "Yes, dear," - they say, and get everything you want.

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