Do not repeat the mistakes of Eva Longoria

Do not repeat the mistakes of Eva Longoria
 Many saddened by the news late last year that the actress Eva Longoria and basketball player Tony Parker broke up after seven years of relationship. They met in 2004 and married in a magical day - 07.07.07. But family life did not work, and Eve to eat, what to blame themselves.

Eva Longoria - American actress of Spanish descent. She is best known for his role as Gabrielle Solis in the series "Desperate Housewives."

Marriage with Tony Parker Eva was not the first. From 2002 to 2004 she was married to actor Tyler Christopher. The reason for the separation, little is known, but there are rumors that it was the betrayal Eve with Parker. The actress blames youth and immaturity. But at the same time it actively gave interviews in which calls are not considered changing wives immoral. Like, so ladies are protected by dislike wife and loneliness.

Curiously, the beginning of the novel with Tony Parker coincided with the filming of the TV series "Desperate Housewives." Then the famous basketball player and could not imagine what will become of their family life. Tony hates the press and paparazzi, he believes that celebrities should be the center of attention of journalists only through work commitments - at the matches, premieres, press conferences. Eve, as they say her friends, just obsessed with public relations and self-promotion.

Knowledgeable people claim the actress that she could spend hours wandering around Los Angeles, when she knew that in a certain area is not hiding lying in wait for her paparazzi. So the actress sought additional publications about his person.

But that's not all. Vanity - on the biggest flaw, and the desire for fame at any cost - not the biggest mistake Eve. The girl was so much passionate about his career, which is meeting with her husband she had little time. Tony flew around the world by participating in the championships. And his wife then spent time on the set, then traveled to numerous presentations brands that it advertises. And it can be called a second mistake actress.

The third mistake was to Eve that she did not want to have children. 28-year-old Tony has repeatedly said in an interview that the dreams of a successor. A 36-year-old Eva promised him to give birth to a child after filming the next season. But then comes the new season, and Eve was once again.

She cheerfully reported to the press about how she and her husband love each other, as she personally prepares him a variety of dishes. Talked about a romantic date in a restaurant. But in fact, her attention to her husband was extremely limited. Between career and family Eva definitely choose a career.

Not surprisingly, she recently discovered that her faithful correspondence with a certain girl who is a friend of the family. Eva immediately decided to file for divorce, but even this has arranged the whole show. She sold her story magazine US Weekly, who introduced her to the innocent victim of the treacherous wife. "Tony gave Eva Longoria" was the headline. Tony silently swallowed offense, he knew it was the last wife of advertising lunge at him.

The couple divorced in January of this year, and now each of them has its own life. Eva meets with Eduardo Cruz, the younger brother of Penelope Cruz. And Tony is rumored to be ready to marry the girl, who was the cause of the divorce. It is hoped that Eve can finally learn how to reconcile work and personal life. And then her life will no longer treason and betrayal.

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