Choosing a metrosexual: and the world, and in the feast, and good people!

Choosing a metrosexual: and the world, and in the feast, and good people!
 Metrosexual - is not the kind of special sexual preferences as it may seem from the name, not at all. This particular young people, as far as possible on the type of brutal macho "macho". Metrosexual always looks great, it keeps track of fashion and their style, often versed in cosmetics, is prone to luxury.

For a refined intellectual girl, loves fun cities, clubs and luxury private parties, metrosexual can be an excellent choice. But remember that it is completely devoid of any kind was brutal, so that its appearance should not count. But metrosexual will take you to the events for which you get without it would not light, will introduce you to the range of the most luxurious nightlife metropolis. If you need to pick up a dress or makeup, it is - the one who will not be unintelligible mumble to your question about whether you this rosy scarf and really advise what is called in the case. From it you will learn about the latest mobile trends even faster than from knowledgeable friends.

Metrosexuals choose girls that are suitable for their lifestyle, or who can seem that way. Appearance is very important for a man, grooming and style for him are not calling card, but rather, an identity card. In this metrosexual strong enough focus on himself. Be prepared for the fact that you will not shine in society on his background, and in the best case, you'll shine together, or it will look much better than you - you have to be ready.

To keep yourself in good condition, requires a lot of money. Metrosexuals are usually highly paid professionals, sometimes they work in fashion or art, or maybe just have a good financial condition.

Relations with metrosexuals have some limitations. For example, if you decide to introduce him to his friends, he can find them boring. After all, they were not able to keep the conversation about what a new line of perfume released his favorite manufacturer, and the question of how they like or rather a collection of clothes from fashion week in Milan, they also did not know what to answer. The same applies to visits to relatives. Be prepared that metrosexual may be incongruous with the rest of your loved ones.

But shopping with metrosexuals can be a real pleasure. He will advise you some things that you maybe would not pay attention, and rest assured, you will look stunning in them. He knows all about trendy cocktails and clubs, so that the cultural life of the metropolis would be in front of you, at a glance.

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