When a man is crying

When a man is crying
 Many people are used to seeing women's tears. So ladies are experiencing stress, separation, resentment, bitterness and frustration. Men, as a rule, all the emotions experienced in silence, keeping all in itself. But there are times when men can not keep a tear.

It is known that tears - not courageous manifestation of nature. And as society unwittingly established stereotype of the strong half of mankind "men do not cry", many are males try to match this image.

But still happen in life are cases where even a man can appear on the cheeks salty droplets. As a rule, it is a shock, in which is difficult to control their emotions. For example, a message about the death of a loved one (mother or wife, child), which is connected with the fate of men, without which man is not the future.

A man can cry with joy when he realizes that his life is good, that he raised wonderful children, take care of him, he saw the little grandchildren, reminds him of his childhood and adolescence.
The man known as the tears of loss comrade. Therefore, in a moment of silence, he remembers his friend, recalls how they fought shoulder to shoulder, as his hands almost dying friend, and he was able to survive.

Men, like women should show their emotions. However, when men cry too often, it inadvertently pushes the female. They believe these men "rags", ready to burst into tears at the slightest pretext. But this is not true. Because men in different ways give a splash of your emotions: one begins to foul language, someone get into a fight or quench the bitterness of resentment in alcohol. Therefore, the most harmless way of expressing their feelings for the man will be tears. Only men do not cry on the mind and not with the company, and all alone with his grief, as the stronger sex do not want to be miserable and humiliated.

But most men do not mind agile and cry in the community with a beautiful woman. Their action, they provoke the lady of pity and dictate their terms of behavior.

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