What's missing men in marriage

What's missing men in marriage
 Since then, as there is the institution of marriage - since women complain about their husbands. These men, they are fickle, windy, they always pull over to the side, and the oath of fidelity to them does not mean anything. Like, do everything for them, and they are unhappy! Well, what are they missing?
 First of all, men do not have enough freedom. For some young people, especially enterprising, energetic, active, marriage bonds are bonds in the most literal sense of the word. They truly love their wives, but the need to constantly coordinate with them their plans do not as you want, but in the spirit of "compromise", they are simply painful. If the husband is by nature a distinct leader, a man overbearing, even authoritarian, marriage will be strong only in one case: if the spouse unconditionally content with the role of a slave. If a woman starts to insist on, every step of recalling about equality of the sexes, or try to play a leadership role itself, the marriage or rapidly disintegrate or husband irresistible pull to a meek, quiet woman who will not question his leadership.

The men do not have enough sexual satisfaction. Infidelity occurs at the banal and sad reason: the husband loves his wife, but he can not achieve harmony with her in private life. The reasons for this are very different: a mismatch of temperaments, too strict, puritanical upbringing, his wife received, etc. A classic example - marriage Pushkin Natalia Goncharova, about the intimate side of which a very great poet metaphorically wrote in one of his poems: "shamefaced, cold, delight of my barely otvetstvuesh not vnemlesh anything." Sooner or later it will bother even the most loving and loyal husband.

Young people may not have enough home warmth, comfort. Alas, poor mistress - not uncommon among women. They always find excuses: they are working, busy with the children, but still needs to be done around the house a lot of cases. Has neither the time nor the energy! All this is true, but at least the minimum order and cleanliness in the house must be maintained. Not to mention the fact that the owner should be able to more or less tolerable cook. But if her husband regularly returns to the dirty, untidy house, but still gets heated semi-finished dinner, bought in the nearest cooking, whether it can be to blame if he starts eyeing the other women who provide home and spotlessly clean, and well prepared?

Also in marriage may lack basic similarity of tastes, habits, hobbies. The marriage was strong, the husband and wife should see each other like-minded people, like-minded people. If, blinded by passion candy buketny period of courtship, they did not see and did not understand that different in everything, now it comes up to the outside.

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