Let us part at a time

Let us part at a time
 When paired accumulated a lot of resentment, and the passion fades, there is the idea to leave for a while. To calm down, to put in order thoughts and feelings have time to get bored. Only help if a separation?  

Firstly, the conflict must be solved in conversation rather than silence. And if you decide to break from each other to stop constantly quarreling - believe me, and it is checked more than once, the plan is doomed to failure. How Come? Yes, because after a couple of days you will return to the starting point. Indeed, the problem has not been resolved, you only temporarily escaped from her. And as soon as questionable effect of novelty finishes its action, you go back to the old showdowns.

Relationship - it's hard work, they have to build and not to sit in different corners. It is better to try to find the true cause of the conflict. As you know, the lack of permanent, such as towels in the bathroom can not be the true cause. For minutiae lies something else. Dig into yourself and find the answer. Try to discuss with a partner and come to a compromise. If this is not possible - think about whether or not to save the relationship.

If you desire to leave on the basis of time lies the hope for the revival of former passion, it is a profound manifestation of infantilism. How Come? Yes, because the passion fades with time, it must be understood. It happens to everyone. Absolutely all couples who have been together a long enough period, there comes a moment of silence. Life begins to play a significant role. Delight passes. It's OK. Parting for a while here again, nothing can not be solved because it is the freshness of the relationship will return for a very short period of time. And then what? Another parting at the time?

The most terrible lie - a lie to ourselves. As the classic "Love - it's not when you look at each other, and when you look in the same direction." Honestly answer yourself the question - whether these relations future? Perhaps parting at the time you just want to prepare yourself and your partner to this gap? If not - solve your problems together.

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