Lessons bitch: a few tricks that would have to learn!

Lessons bitch: a few tricks that would have to learn!
 Her hate and envy her. She is successful and confident. Bitch - cholera XXI century. Women are afraid of her, and men admire. What is its success? There are several techniques that should be adopted by every woman.

Bitch - a purposeful independent woman, loving and able to reach its goals. If you think about, is not the standard of successful women? It seems true. So why not take some of her techniques currently adopted? If you think so too, let's learn together to learn the finer points of bitchiness.

Lesson number one.

Successful and self-sufficient woman is not adrift, and lives in accordance with their special life princes, from which it never retreats. If it sets itself the goal, then goes to her through. The end justifies the means.

Lesson number 2.

Falling in love with itself, you will love the surrounding. Bitch seems so attractive because it gives time for both physical and spiritual development for, while it may be a woman with a very mediocre appearance. Look at yourself in the mirror. Who do you see? Below average girl? Wrong answer. Until you learn to love yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses, does not leave you anything worthwhile. Yes, you may have a little tummy, bulbous nose and slightly asymmetrical eyebrows, but that is not important. It is important that you put yourself in society. Beautiful posture, white smile, easy walk from the hip, behave with ease, and all - your audience. In a woman to be a charm. This it should take people. Do not take a stinker charm.

Lesson number 3.

Know how to divide people into "us" and "them." With people you love can be something to give vent to feelings, to show their weakness, with "strangers" - never. But "their" must pass rigorous testing and crash tests on the honesty and sincerity. Spend emotions only to those people who do truly deserve, for the rest - you Iron Lady.

Lesson number 4.

Add up the most unprecedented legends around the relationship bitch with men. The demon in the flesh, who seduces accidents, and then twists them as it pleases. Not at all. A woman should know his own worth, and not rush to anybody. Someone is keen seriously, and someone needed to create the background. And it's not because she's a heartless monster. She's a real woman who wants to enjoy the outside, but she chooses a mate on their own.

Lesson number 5.

Bitch has an enviable strength of character - one more thing that is worth to learn from her. Solving the problem, you need to be shrewd and cold-blooded, weighing all the "pros" and "cons". You must be able to say "no." Firmly and calmly, no matter whether you rip relationship or terminate a multi-million deal.

Everywhere fascinates and intrigues, respect and love yourself - these are the basic rules of this bitch.

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