How to write a book beloved

How to write a book beloved
 Words of admiration and love, which is worthy of a loved one, so that they can not express in one card and even in the letter. If you want to favorite learned all that you think about it, what exactly admire and that you love - write him a book. Remember that writing a book - a process responsible, so approach it carefully.
 First you need to consider in detail what exactly will your book. Would you like to write a story, a story, or devote loved the whole poem in verse. You may come to mind something unusual, for example, to create a book of photos of joint or interesting quotes. Match each picture with your comment, pririsuyte somewhere mustache - and original gift ready.

If you feel that you are able to create a great work, go for it. Write a story about your favorite, which is completely open all his talents. Or dedicate him his collection of poems. Imagine how he was surprised to learn that you're a poet!

Just do not try to do what you do not know. You can not compose praises - limit to a few simple suggestions. Otherwise it will not just ugly, but even vulgar. It is unlikely that such a beloved's taste.

If the contents of determined, proceed to registration. You need to consider every detail. You're making a gift for a loved one, so it should be a preference in the first place. If he prefers to get a book bound in leather, with the pages with the effect of antiquity, it is not necessary to choose a pink notebook with flowers on each page.

Be sure to think through the content of a future book. It would be great if before writing you a clear plan. Decide how many chapters in the book is, the amount of text, and so on. D. Remember that before you write your favorite books, it should already be written in the head and the heart. Only in this way will an exclusive that will delight your loved one.

But the main in such a present - your love. Enclose it in every written word, each letter - do not hide their feelings. Then your loved one exactly appreciate this gift, and his emotions are quite sincere and not played enough.

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