How to revive relations

How to revive relations
 Relationship between two people - one of the most complex human problems. It dismantled many philosophers, writers and psychologists, but the exact answer to the question: "How to revive relations" have not found one, as solutions for all occasions not. However, your sincere desire to make peace deserves respect.
 First, take a look at the situation from the outside. And if you need to do to recover such a relationship that you had with a man? In some cases, the choice "not to renew relations" will be the most faithful, especially if this person is sucked out of you strength and material resources.

Consider how the word can be called your relationship. Friendship, love, business, sex without commitment. Depending on this, you need to take further decisions about what to do in your situation.

If you are due to something lost a true friend should just apologize. Admitted his guilt frankly and openly, only for those acts which you committed. The most common mistake here - start to accuse fellow that he is also to blame. If he is really guilty of anything, rest assured he will apologize yourself.

If you had an argument with a colleague at work or business, it makes sense to apologize publicly. Of course, it is not easy, because of your conflict can learn superiors and subordinates, but the chance to make peace with the very high. Most likely, all of your joint initiatives in business will expect a great success.

If you have lost a loved one, be prepared for the fact that one apology is not enough. Apology to favorite or favorite - just the beginning of your actions. Weight surprises, gifts and nice words will help you melt the heart of a loved one. Try to make a lot of beautiful deeds that will support your friends. Sincerely show the person that you will give everything to be with him again. In most cases, you will support and your mutual friends who also want to see you together.

An interesting way to revive relations: to make a great postcard with your name, signed your friends to see you reconciled.

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