How to congratulate a loved one with an anniversary

How to congratulate a loved one with an anniversary
 Anniversary beloved wife - this is another opportunity to express all your respect and gratitude for those years happily. Be sure to ask your husband how he wanted to spend the day, not to be mistaken with the choice of a surprise. Often people want to just relax and unwind from the hustle and you organized revelry party where the guest of honor feel superfluous.
 Even if your husband says he does not want you any presents and surprises, still in his heart he expects you to take care of them. If you think that colleagues spouse does not know his birthday, let them know about it in advance secretly loved. He will be very happy and pleased when the staff congratulated him. Notify friends, acquaintances and relatives. And if you do not convene them to a feast in honor of the hero of the day, they still called him and said a lot of nice words and wishes.

Talk with her husband ahead of time about his vision of the holiday. Try not to do anything that he would not like it. If the husband said he did not want to take guests to hear it. Spend the day together, book a table at a restaurant or dinner delivered to your door. Do not cook a lot of hours in the kitchen, and better pay this time my beloved husband.

You, more than anyone else, you know hero of the day, so the choice of gift for it should not be a problem. Remember his hobbies, what he wants. If you do not understand in fishing gear, for example, consult with a specialist at the store. Do not give formal and "useful" things that are not very delight spouse. These PRESENTS include sweaters, deodorant, underwear warm underwear, socks, slippers.

You can ask her husband to pick you up in the mall and there to walk with him, watching his reaction to the issued products. He will be very pleased when he is his birthday will receive a gift it is that thing that delights in store. Men do not belong to the postcards so tenderly, as women, so it's better tell him all the warm words of congratulations in person when the hero of the day will wake up in the morning.

Stand in the day ahead, give himself up. Prepare a cup of invigorating coffee, make a sandwich with caviar and bring it all together with her husband a gift and hot hugs and kisses.

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