Sex on the first date: will be continued?

Sex on the first date: will be continued?
 Many women today before a date with an attractive man in any case pay special attention to underwear and bikini state. After all, it is not clear what will end the meeting. Nevertheless, the question of whether or not to have sex on the first date, the majority of women still remains unresolved. Is there a future relationship after this rapid rapprochement?

Our mothers and grandmothers in this matter, as a rule, categorical, considering that a decent woman would not have sex with a man immediately after they met. Of course, since the days of their youth took a long time and morals had changed. However, until now there are men who are ready to accuse a woman of excessive concessions. They believe that a woman who quickly agreed to intimacy, not very picky in their personal lives. The position of the stronger sex can be expressed in one sentence, "she is still with anyone." Needless to say that this world of men do not decorate.

The question "Does sex on the first date? "Should solve the woman. Do not have to settle for intimacy only to please a man or tie him to her. However, it is not necessary to prohibit and afford to meet their own desires only because of the fear that the man thinks you are too frivolous.

Soberly assess the situation and prevent a very common stereotype that all men "only one thing" and that when the desired they lose interest. Of course, may be true that the relations begun by sex on the first date, quickly run out. It should be borne in mind that there are a lot of happy couples, a novel which began with intimacy at the first meeting. A romance that developed more "traditionally", also can quickly end.

From all this we can draw a simple conclusion that no rapid agreement on sex or postponing sexual intimacy can not guarantee the continuation of the novel.

So, how to behave, if you had a sex on the first date?

Do not reproach yourself in incontinence after everything has already happened.

Do not assume that your relationship with this man immediately become strong. Wait until the time itself will put everything in its place.

Do not tell the man that intimacy for you meant nothing and everything is serious. In this regard, you can hurt men.

Do not forget to protect themselves. Unplanned pregnancy or venereal disease are too serious consequences suddenly surging passion.

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