As a declaration of sympathy for the man

As a declaration of sympathy for the man
 Current relations between men and women are different from those traditionally developed several decades ago. Weaker sex at every turn declares its emancipation, often takes the lead even in such a delicate matter, as the first recognition in sympathy.
 Giving up on the neck of the chosen heart, of course, not worth it, not to destroy the charm and beauty of budding relationship. To express their sympathy for the young man to make better use of phrases such as "I feel good with you" or "I miss you" double meaning which does not exclude as a partnership and friendship. In the case of mutual sympathy this way of recognizing only push their relationship to the further positive development.

To begin to better assess, "ripe" to see whether a man of your words and how he really deserves such a brave action by the partner. To do this, look at what life priorities guy than he is fond of whom leads friendship. Perhaps more familiarity kindled feelings cool down, and the need for open heart will disappear by itself.

If not, then pouring the beloved soul, important not to overdo it. Let not accept recognition as an allusion to marriage. Approaching the prospect of being ringed usually scares even the strongest.

Especially if you have chosen a mature man and has experience of bachelorhood, he cherishes his freedom, and "fix" it to yourself to be quite difficult. Any hints for a serious relationship can permanently close the road in his life, even the most beautiful and attractive girl. And even more so it is not necessary to pursue the object of his love, to be constantly in sight, "strangle" his feelings and to demand reciprocity.

It should be remembered that many more will result hints, playful SMS, a small token or congratulations on some occasion. And, of course, gentle look, a light touch, welcoming smile, the ability to like other men. That's enough to whet the interest we desired object, including its hunter instinct.

And then the cards in your hand! Need to be indispensable to him, and this should be from this very moment listen to him without interrupting, try to share his emotions, mindful of the fact that people are laughing at one and the same, similar in spirit. Well, if we can find other points of contact, for example, a common passion for skiing or chess.

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