6 items that spoil any date

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 Finally happened what the guy wanted. She agreed to come to visit him. But this visit was not the first and the last, it is necessary to make a good impression on her in everything.
 If your bachelor apartment here and there scattered unsuitable objects, the girl immediately spoil the mood. In addition, it can on the basis of what he saw to make wrong conclusions about you.

1. Dirty socks. Somehow, the fair sex are firmly convinced that the man terribly sloppy, for example, throw things everywhere, and dirty socks can leave almost dinner table. It is easy to imagine the disappointment of your passions at the sight of these garments. So make it a rule: dirty socks should be stored in a laundry basket, but it is better to wash them immediately and dry the battery.

2. Stale towel. Women attach great importance to cleanliness. Towel with traces of dirt or a bad smell might just shock the woman. Therefore, before the rendezvous necessarily hang in the bathroom quite a few fresh towels, and do not forget to remove the dirty in the laundry basket.

3. Exactly the same impression on the girl will make a bathroom, far from pure. Mood partner immediately fall. Take the time to clean the bath on the eve goodbye. She should just shine!

4. And about the dirty toilet and say nothing. Advance purchase cleanser, scrub "faience other" very carefully. Otherwise, the reputation of sluts and will not be easy to get rid of Dirt.

5. unwashed dishes. Even if unharvested will only one cup with coffee grounds left on the sink, she hardly will be delighted. All pre-wash and clean the dryer.

6. Improper bedding can reduce to "no" all your efforts. It must be not only impeccably fresh and clean, but also pleasant to the touch. Rigid sheets, which scratch the skin, hardly inspire partner at follow-up visits to you.

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