One fantasy for two

One fantasy for two
 Two - he and she, the couple who found each other among a large crowd. They share not only common interests, hobbies, but also feelings, desires and fantasies. One fantasy for two - this is when there is harmony in the pair and love, respect and understanding. To find out what your partner thinks, just ask him about it or talk about their desires.

Many of the people being in a relationship with a loved one, often do not even know what imagination can visit the head of the second half. Yes, hide, you and often do not take the time to talk about the innermost being afraid to look in the eyes of the partner went and vulgar. However, as practice shows, talk about your wishes to your loved one is a must. This helps to ensure that the relationship becomes stronger, more reliable, because in this case, the partner knows what he wants the second half, and how it can be pleasant.

When the couple have one wish for two, we can say that it is strong and reliable relationships. Of course, there is a risk that your partner does not understand the truth of your secret desires and do not want to share them. Before you decide to have a frank conversation, mentally rehearse your speech, pick the right words, be frank. As a rule, fancy touch any erotic desires, try typing in its relations role-playing games, because that's exactly what could be called a fantasy for two. Invent their own scenarios for each evening, consider the opinion of the partner, given his and your desires.

If your fantasies, there are elements of sadomasochism, you should not immediately resort to the most pronounced its elements. Gradually add in your relationship more explicit poses, erotic lingerie. If you hesitate to speak openly about their desires, look together erotic movie or read a book, focusing on your favorite moments. In case you have something that can alert or deliver discomfort, you can come up with a code word, which would mean that it is time to stop for a while or even stop. After some time, with the consent of a partner can be repeated, but should be extremely careful and attentive.

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