Love for blood group

Love for blood group
 How do you want to choose the ideal partner for life together! To be sure. So you do not talk on the topic: "Why it did not work out." So you do not delete from his biography bunch of unnecessary items. Horoscopes often contradict each other. But it is possible to determine the nature of human blood group!

Thus, we consider the distinctive traits of representatives of different blood groups.

The first group.
Women: incredibly attractive, but terribly jealous. Crave a strong man and want to belong wholly to them. It is very greedy for sex that is certainly capable to please. Provided, however, that a man is able to live up to expectations.

Men: a stunning seducer. Ready for a long time and wait patiently for reciprocity. And as soon as it turned out - reward in full. Men with the first group of blood is usually very good lovers.

The second group.
Women: shy, sentimental and suspicious. Love to imagine themselves heroines sugary ladies' novels. Fall in love immediately. First, eyeing the man, check, because it is very fond of a certain relationship. But as soon as it is produced, transformed into a beautiful loving and devoted wife.

Men: also incredibly shy and hesitant at first. How long will only admire from afar, accumulating their determination. On the other hand, when a wave of determination to finally gush express accumulated feelings at once, in one fell swoop. In a joint life crave constant evidence of love, and, if they receive, store unusual for his loyalty to the floor. Actually, love taking care of themselves, so often chosen as chosen ones of women older than themselves.

The third group.
Women: different extravagant behavior, which was hiding his loyalty and gentleness.

Men: as external impression walking in. However, this is only a superficial impression. Representatives of the third group of blood deceive just because terribly afraid of love as such. This violates their concept of harmony. However, when this occurs, turn into a very good and reliable men. Though. Feelings of inner protest, can afford a couple of fleeting links on the side.

The fourth group.
Women: incredibly attractive, but at the same time, incredibly strict and demanding. Get them on very difficult, moreover, when the location is obtained, able to bring his chosen, literally, before running away from home.

Men: have incredible charm and magnetism for women, and do love sorority. But deep feelings almost can not. With such a man to be consonant on all at once, or fiancee would not see him more than ever.

Now, armed with new knowledge, to find the ideal partner for yourself you will not be difficult. Suffice it to know his blood type.

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