In the wrong genes to blame?

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 From time immemorial, people are trying to figure out what causes lie infidelity. Some sin of human nature, while others blame the society. There is even an opinion that the source lies in the genes and inherited. We try to understand how things really are.

Supporters of inheritance tendency to changes refer to the fact that the wrong parents often grow invalid children. Yes, there is a definite connection. However, the genes are to blame here, in rare cases.

When infidelity genes to blame

Inability to keep fidelity can be associated with certain biological characteristics. They can be inherited, and be the basis for polygamy. But if a person with these biological features will brought up in a particular environment, it can not inherit from their parents propensity to change that.

Most men are wrong - the weakest in bed. They have a complex physiological characteristics that sexologists called "weak sexual constitution." Such men have low testosterone, sexual intercourse is quite rare. They do not have a high level of desire, their ability to copulate rather limited. Simply put, because of hormonal and physiological causes such men rarely may not always want to have sex.

Don Juans spend a lot of time on ohmurenie victims, and not enough time actually on the result itself ohmureniya. Study of the history of polygamous men shows that many of them are from 400 to 3000 copulations in a lifetime. The average man as much time having sex just a few years.

The essence of the diffuse attraction Don Juan is a new object of passion that temporarily increases the opportunities to have sex. So men need constant change of women to retain the ability to have sex.

About women can say the same thing: the weakness of the sexual constitution, coupled with high ambitions can make a woman polygamous. A weak sexual constitution can really be inherited.

When infidelity is the result of education

Sexually weak men are not so much - no more than 25%. If the rest tend to infidelity, it is grafted environment. This betrayal of one parent to another is extremely traumatic for the child. But having gone through it, some children grow up into adults who repeat all the mistakes of their ancestors.

Finally, there are families in which polygamy is considered almost the norm. In this situation, the child grows up in such a system of values, which implies a lack of fidelity in a relationship. Here to talk about inheritance is also not necessary. If a child from a family to give to another that values ​​loyalty, he is likely to grow monogamous.

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