Sex on the clock

Sex on the clock
 Surely, in your sexual practices sometimes there were situations when you want sex, and your partner - no, absolutely, or vice versa. You should not be offended by their partner because of this. Everything happens because your desire at the time did not coincide with biological time for sex your partner. Men and women are different these hours, but sometimes they are the same.

To reach a compromise, to make your sex more desirable and avoid the described situation, let's understand that man and woman feel throughout the day.

So all morning begins differently, so I think from 6 to 8 am. Woman at this time, as a rule, only woke up and sexually ready except that only caresses and kisses his partner. And the man in this period on the contrary a peak sexual activity. He woke up feeling rested and ready for sex. Testosterone levels increased too, but usually the sex is not long since a man should leave power for a long time.

After 8 am to 10 women have finally woken up. In it there is an increase of blood hormone endorphin, which causes the desire for sex. At this time, the woman does not need a lot of time for excitement. The man had already set up a working mood. His testosterone levels are normal, so this period is difficult for sex.

In the period from 10 to 12 hours a woman is also excited, and she would have liked oral sex. Here biological clock most coincide, since the man raises endorphin, and it becomes more playful, ready for such have sex.

During an afternoon snack from 14 to 16 hours of a woman's body is most prepared to conceive, and prolonged sex for her is not acceptable. At the same time, the male body is able to develop the highest quality sperm. And if you have planned procreation, feel free to have sex during this time period.

From 16 to 18 a woman is not ready for sex, well, except that not to long. And men need to discharge after work, so it needs to be for a while.

In the period from 18 to 20 hours as a man and a woman usually do not think about sexual games. All their thoughts are eating and the completion of spent forces lost during the day.

 But the time from 20 to 22 hours for men and women it is time for a very long sex.

After 22 hours of both partners, vydohnuvshis ready to prolonged sleep, but sex is possible.

That's basically all you need to know for a successful partner sex. Possess knowledge and action.

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