What you need for a perfect sex

What you need for a perfect sex
 We all strive for the ideal: the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect relationship. But in regard to sex, many people get up in a deadlock. What is it - the most harmonious sex?

To answer this question, perhaps we could almost uniquely. Everyone agrees that the ideal sex - is when both partners have received great pleasure. But pleasure is different. It may take a few moments, but to be a fantastically strong, or it may begin before direct sexual contact and continue after its completion. Or maybe the ideal sex - is when the partners see that we were able to satisfy the desires of each other?

Because each person is different, as individual and relationship as a couple. Therefore, the exact definition of the ideal sex, perhaps, impossible to think. Simply assume that there is a kind of ideal worth striving for. It's time to find out what you need to do to get it wrong.

First of all - a strong desire and excitement for both partners. And then it's not a long prelude, as many believe. Excitation can be very strong already on the original stage, besides it's not only men but also women. As the woman is usually warmed up much more slowly, the couple begins to sexual games to reach the desired condition. But this does not necessarily. That sex was successful, the partners must equally strongly want it, and if one of them there is no sexual desire, no foreplay things will not save.

That everything was perfect, the partners must feel each other. After all, I prefer taking part two. Therefore, we must focus not on himself but on favorite to try to give him as much as possible pleasure. That is the whole focus is that the two partners, mutually striving to please each other, eventually deliver to each other pleasure insanely strong, with much more than those who thought only about myself.

Do not get hung up on achieving orgasm. Orgasm - it's good, but then the process can deliver very strong pleasure. Why all this cross, thinking only about the result. Especially, many are beginning to get frustrated if orgasm is not obtained. Sexy Oriental philosophy, among other things, consider orgasm side effect of sexual contact and are striving to ensure that it avoided. And in the East, in this sense knows that. So do not think about your orgasm, and try to enjoy the here and now.

And most importantly - love one another. Sex without love, of course, possible, but, perhaps, any consent that sex with someone you love - it's always amazing. Love, be loved, then you will have the perfect sex, which can only be in the world!

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