The strength and weakness of modern men

The strength and weakness of modern men
 Under the power often meant the ability to withstand external or internal stimuli, and as a result, a person develops self-confidence. A weakness - it is certainly a lack of physical strength, inability to make decisions and a tendency to doubt.  

The weakness can be said that this is only the power of habit. And the more we pay attention to our habits, the more we depend on them, the more we become lazier and the weaker. This applies, in particular, and men.

It is clear that the most significant source of confidence and charm men is considered a healthy potency. If we consider the male half of humanity in the present context, the results in this area appear disappointing. And it happens often because of the numerous harmful dependencies.

These include, of course, fatty unhealthy food that leads to lethargy and indifference in everyday life. Smoking causes circulatory disorders and cardiac performance, and alcohol has long been recognized enemy of men's sexual health. For example, scientists proved that beer contains estrogen analogues, and excessive consumption of beer in men is significantly reduced level of potency.

To the dependence of modern society are not only products of the chemical and food diversity. Comfortable and industrial existence virtually nullified the need for men to be physically fit, hardy and fast. As a result, there are changes in the public consciousness as the feminist movement, the style of "unisex" and the concept of "office plankton".

A significant proportion of men in the habit of shifting problems on the shoulders of women, justifying feminized modern way of life. Or explain his reluctance to go to the gym lack of time, severe psychological situation in the country, at work, at home. And soon develops into a habit of making excuses some men in a real weakness.

In fact, this and all other weakness caused by a lack of confidence in the men's own physical and social significance, and, like a habit, more and more drawn into the swamp of passive existence. But, like any habit, they can be overcome. After all, requires a little time and a little more patience.

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