The nature of man and his tie

The nature of man and his tie
 The man in the modern necktie looks very stylish and immediately inspires us respect. Ties, tend to be business people, which, however, look after their appearance. Man in a tie looks very presentable and neat. Although he does not play a particularly important role, but the presence of such a man is always decorated. Relationship their owners are very diverse: some consider it an indispensable thing, other "noose" around the neck. But be that as it may, the tie can tell a lot about a person.  

Men do not understand much in vogue, they often buy a tie women. First my mother, then his wife. But if it happens that a man good-versed in fashion trends and himself chooses tie, at his choice, can say a lot about his character.

Ties with stripes - an accessory successful business person, businessman, self-assured man. A strip in the tie symbolizes the way in which it is impossible to turn off. Such people are reliable and correct, but too keen chores to attend to something else.

Strict lines indicate that the person is able to efficiently focus and planning as a career and personal life.

Tie flowered usually choose romance. Ties with the pattern selected creative individuals with an unusual character, dreamers. Such people are very interesting, but not very reliable.

In peas - purposeful personality. Pea size is directly related to sociability men: the larger, the more social media tie.

Small peas - choose this kind of honest working people, good professionals. The owner of such a tie often closed and uncommunicative. In relations with women are very vulnerable, loyal.

Plain ties
Choose a person who like order in everything, everywhere follow these rules. There are so pedantic that becomes sick. Also, it is secretive, cautious man.

Checkered tie - limited choice and notorious personalities, stopping at a variety of drawing, the future owner of the tie is trying to attract attention and to assert themselves.

Color tie is also of great importance.
Blue indicates a safe and sociable person, open, friendly.
Bright red choose ambitious and energetic personality.
Prefer bright colors optimists fans entertained, romantic nature.
Dark tie like conservatives. These are people with a difficult character, not really smiling and accustomed to command.

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