The man with the syndrome honors

The man with the syndrome honors
 "A student syndrome" - the desire to constantly be perfect. Most people are at risk of getting it as a child when caring mom and dad begin to compare your child with other children and put them in the example.
 "A student syndrome" usually occurs in people whose parents are perfectionists. Since the early school age child still can not arrange their own priorities for themselves, parents do it for him every now and then beginning with the words "you have to." And then the boy puts more efforts to be made to increase performance and prevent any slip in learning and behavior. Over time, it becomes a way of life from which it is practically impossible to get rid of.

At first glance it seems that there is nothing wrong with that, because in front of you is responsible, strong, purposeful man who knows exactly what he wants. However, the slightest discrepancy in its objectives may result in it very different reactions, from fear and despair to anger and rage. The reason is that a person who once used to live "as necessary", trying to match the stereotypes imposed by society or loved ones, not only taking into account the real interests.

The constant pursuit of excellence makes a man vulnerable, which leads to misunderstandings in relations with the other half. Women also often found "excellent pupil syndrome", but what if you do not, and your men have? Try to explain to him that failure - it's not as bad as he thinks. It is not a mistake to do nothing. Show him that you love and appreciate him despite his "terrible" mistake.

Give him the opportunity to take risks. This does not necessarily make a man a "syndrome honors" go for broke, you can simply push it to perform minor pranks. For example, before running a job offer to lie in bed for another five minutes. In general, teach him to be more lenient, not only to themselves but also to other people and take them for what they are. After all, if you can help it reduce the inner bar, it will be more responsive, balanced and less will be wasted on trifles.

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