Secret of Casanova

Secret of Casanova
 During his life, Count Giacomo Casanova, not being perfect handsome, managed to seduce thousands of ladies. Great lover could find their way to the heart and body of women, obviously knowing some secrets that until now, researchers are trying to unravel his life. Here are a few secrets that we know about.

The main "key" to possess ladies sexy Casanova did altruism. It is known that he did not try in the first place to get satisfaction from lovemaking itself. But always brought to this ecstasy his next chosen one.

Earl was a real workaholic, but his hard work fully expressed exclusively in bed. There is even a legend about how Casanova brought to orgasm suffering frigid women. Count on it-lover had to spend twelve hours but the lady was ecstatic.

It is obvious that an important role in the ability to conquer the female Casanova location played his excellent knowledge of the structural features of the body of the fair sex. Earl was an expert in meeting women through kliterialnyh caresses that his contemporaries were generally taboo. Casanova also famous among contemporaries that could satisfy a woman oral route.

Giacomo Casanova was still the entertainer - he did not know how to make love boring. Therefore, with the ladies Earl tried prodelyvat "it" anywhere, constantly changing places for sex. Moreover, Casanova was an amateur spy on other people's acts of love, and he loved to shock people having sex in public places.

In the famous lover was still fun and adorable - contemporaries argued that the graph is always carried a dildo. Some ladies were ecstatic on how Casanova knows how to "play" with them such stuff. And the count, in turn, was able to remain skillful lover even in old age, when he could no longer boast of a strong potency.

Another secret of loving graph consisted in the fact that he was in the forefront of those who always use protection. Thus, Casanova lady guaranteed protection against pregnancy and unpleasant diseases.

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