Second breath of your love

Second breath of your love
 After the first wave of passionate and romantic love, which rolls back after about the first three to five years of marriage, a collapse in relations. Optionally, these feelings have cool, but poutihnut sure. Is it really "love lives three years"?

When you were in blissful childhood or adolescence, adults often say: "Laugh while laughing, love, until You Can." What do these words mean, hard to imagine, until the first to occur of failure in love, and after - until poveet chill in already established relations. Few couples were able to pass this milestone without claims to each other and to preserve not only marriage, but also love. It's like that in his youth to step over "difficult age", because almost all of this period is really difficult. Misunderstandings and conflicts, it would seem, in a perfect marriage can occur for various reasons.

Firstly, nothing reveals man as married life. Within a few years after the wedding, all the masks flies, and the couple know each other new features that were not visible under the pink glasses Love at first. Another detail that really plays a significant role in the appearance of dryness in a relationship - it is life. Like it or not, over time, can be deduced from myself and constantly scattered men's socks, and "unbearable" smell of female nail polish. However, the interests and tastes of the person tend to change over about every seven years.

Before sever relations with indifference or tolerate the second half, try to "dust off" with your feelings. If this decision is mutual, let the husband and wife in secret from each other and remember to write down some leaves all dreamed about its second half and what they both sought when their house was filled with love and understanding. Select a day and donate the other half of its once-cherished dream, even if it were a bouquet of white roses 101 or 10 days in the mountains in a sleeping bag. The ability to listen to the wishes of a spouse give a chance to look at yourself and your loved one "fresh" look and understand that terminate the relationship, probably until early.

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