Relationships with gamers: you, he, computer

Relationships with gamers: you, he, computer
 You think that you have grown apart and your relationship is about to come to an end. He is an avid gamer and not interested in you. You do not remember when the last time you had sex, and willy-nilly start to understand themselves in computer games. Unfortunately, you - not the only woman in that situation, you want to allow to keep the relationship with your loved one.  
 If suddenly stood between you computer or game console, try to explain and recall favorite gamer that communication with the living person is much nicer. Prepare for a romantic dinner. Create the right atmosphere, which would imply an intimate chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Do everything you can to it for at least one night to forget about his game. Talk to him about your feelings, tell us how you do not miss those days when you were together all the time and almost a minute could not hold their own. Open a bottle of champagne and remember the funny moments from the last trip together on vacation.

This quiet family evening again brought together by you and you will feel as good to be with someone whom you love so much. Do not worry, your gamer also will not remain indifferent, he realizes that if he wants to maintain a relationship with you, he will need to give you more time.

However, it is possible that your man became a gamer, not because they played, but because he was tired of the monotony in your relationship. If you can afford, remove Weekend room and taken away from the beloved computer.

More economical, but no less effective option may be luxurious lace underwear in front of which he is unlikely to be able to resist. Well, if you have the courage and adventure, you can dress up as his favorite heroine computer.

Shout, break the dishes and collect the suitcase is much easier than trying to understand the other person and share his hobby. Why, instead of hysterics and pull the wire from the computer does not try to sit down and play with him? After all, no one asks you to play all day and night long. If you ask your man to play with him, he will realize how much you love him, and it is possible that tomorrow he will be interested to have your favorite business.

Of course, compromise is the basis of all healthy relationships. If you show your gamer that you are interested in his life in all its manifestations, you can ask for concessions and him. For example, you play computer game, discuss the characters, and you can now go to the movies or just take a walk together. Support and interest in the beloved other person can truly work wonders.

And finally, if your partner is constantly sitting at the computer, it may, therefore, trying to get away from any problems. Ask if it is a concern. Show him that he can always count on your support. Do not leave him alone with their difficulties and experiences.

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