Methods for declarations of love and its consequences

Methods for declarations of love and its consequences
 There are many ways to confess his feelings to the beloved. However, you first need to know a person well, learn to understand it. Then recognition will make him happy - of course, provided that you will be frank and open.
 Recognition of their feelings - time sensitive and very intimate. You must be sure that no one will disturb and disrupt the beauty of your words. This is especially important if you decide to tell about their feelings first.

Recognition is always understood correctly, if a woman is sincere and open. Speaking about his love, look the person in the eye. Men love when women smile. So do not forget the power of your cute smile. Also, try to be in the intimate area of ​​men at a distance of 46 cm.

If you do not want to confess your love banal way, try to surprise a man by resorting to a beautiful exotic customs.

Learn basic beading and give hand made jewelry. If you are not sure that your man will understand the language of beads, attach an explanation of the original character drawing and use of color to your favorite able to read your message. Such a gift more eloquent than any words to tell about feelings and maybe make your man more likely to think about the two of you, and to analyze the relationship is likely to present such a gift in return.

Declaration of love by means of language beads made some peoples of South Africa, where men have a reputation proud and warlike. Women is sometimes not so easy to win their hearts. Scourge decoration, girls make up a love letter, carefully selecting the color and pattern. It is interesting that with the same beads, they learn that a man feels loved. For example, if he chooses a special weaving, and even black, it can be concluded that his soul does not leave the sadness of a bachelor.

Usually customary to give flowers to women. However, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in girls of the tribe there mandailing ancient custom of giving floral bouquet man confessing her love for him. Particular attention is paid the fair sex color name in order to rhyme with their chosen words recognition and create your own unique bouquet. The man should understand the meaning of this flower letters, if necessary, referring to the interpreter bouquets.

Surely there are flowers that are popular with your lover. Try to make your bouquet of love and give it recognition. It is important that the man knew the names of colors that you collect in a bouquet. Then your recognition will be more romantic and sensual.

A man can immediately respond to you in return, glad that you have taken the first step. But do not be upset ahead of time in case if it is not admitted in response to his feelings for you. Perhaps he was not ready for your revelation, and he just needs time to comprehend all.

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