Love: five ways to achieve reciprocity

Love: five ways to achieve reciprocity
 Love is the most wonderful feeling, especially if it is mutual. If you are in love and dream about reciprocal feelings on the part of men who use certain ways. They will help you to take possession of his heart, without resorting to black magic.
 Method №1: «The materialization of thoughts"

This method is perfectly suited to girls who have not yet met the man of her dreams, but it is ripe to fall in love. All you need to do - it's just to formulate "a mental order," for example, "I'm gonna start a relationship with a loved and loving me a man." Formulate order as easy as possible and concrete. Remember and repeat order constantly to himself or aloud. Be creative and imagine a happy life with the man of her dreams. And with the appearance of negative thoughts ("terms of some bastards", "normal men do not", "I'm not worthy of being loved", etc.) immediately replace from positive.

Method №2: «We give to get"

This procedure should take advantage of the girls who have already fall in love, but still did not wait for reciprocity. To attract attention like a man must first show him a sincere interest. The main thing - do not require reciprocity. Just enjoy his love. The secret is that when you give up the intention to get something (love, attention, etc.), replacing it with the intention of this "something" to give, you have a better chance of getting something from which refused.

Method №3: «Psychotechnics comes to the rescue»

Take the position of the player, that is in the process of conquering Treat as a hazardous and absorbing game. This will help you avoid feelings and your actions will give ease.

To win over a man, match with him. Talk to him in the same language, learn and share his interests. Try to find among you as much as possible in common. Determine what relationship the man wants and what kind of woman he needed.

If you are in love with this man, and he loves another girl, use the technique of anchoring. Make it so that he told you about the one in which love. When he speaks, watch his expression, tone of voice, posture and gestures. When he reaches the peak of positive euphoric emotions, touch his hand to his forearm. So your touch will associate him with great affection. And then, every time you want to awaken in him a feeling of love, just touch it in the same way as you did the first time. And you'll see how his condition will change. So you will gradually be able to intercept the love that man originally felt for the other.

Method №4: «Languages ​​of Love"

If you want to achieve reciprocity, simply specify which of the languages ​​of love your partner enjoys more likely, to which he will respond soon, and give him this: words of encouragement (a compliment, praise), an act of service (cook dinner, take care), activities (check with These football, go to the rink), gifts, physical contact (a massage, kiss).

Method №5: «Jazz improvisation"

The most reliable way to win a man's heart is the looseness and ease. Love - it's jazz. Improvise. Your logic, your experience, your mind, your rationalism - will not help. You will prompt the shortest path to a man's heart is only intuition and your own inner voice.

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