Love and age

Love and age
 As often happens: a storm of emotions, passion, make plans. Love can work miracles, detach people from everyday problems, plunging into the depths of passion or in their frenzy to throw stones. Experiencing that feeling, people always hope for the best that it has passed the disappointment, and life will only joyful experience. Love in its many varied stages, and anyone can go if you want them all in a lifetime.

The rudiments of this beautiful feelings can be seen even in infancy, when the kids are showing sympathy and affection for the opposite sex. And their innocent kisses stored in the memories to old age.

Love in adolescence usually brings disappointment. Raging hormones, self-love, not a partner, lead to a loss of faith in yourself and the people. Very often, after that person has an inferiority complex.

Passion comes after the age of twenty, when the desire to possess superior to the others. Mistakenly man tries to find a soul mate on certain "parameters": external data, material wealth, social status. You need to ask yourself whether you love this man, or he will just fit.

Student years - following the "age" of love, when one realizes the possible degree of responsibility. Marriages "love" at this age are rare. However, if this happens - they characterize a person as confident in their love and confidence. And if family life is good, despite all the difficulties, these people are particularly proud of.

The vast majority believes that it is necessary to marry in adulthood, when a person has already taken place. At this age, the feeling is particularly strong and it's not the years, and emotional maturity.

After thirty years is that people prone to doubt the correctness of their actions, it is often a dislike to him, the uncertainty in the resulting partner. Many believe that if at this age the person is lonely, then the problem is hidden in it. That is why it is inappropriate for the age of marriage.

And whether there is true love? And when it comes? This issue is of concern to many. This is true and magical feeling comes when man learned to understand your partner, enjoy every moment spent with him and respects his chosen.

It is in the old age people love not for the individual quality, but because they feel it. At this time, no longer need to prove anything, because that requires proof, not love.

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