Little about aphrodisiacs

Little about aphrodisiacs
 Aphrodisiacs - substances that can increase libido, increase arousal, create an intimate atmosphere. Aphrodisiacs are different products, essential oils and incense. They can be natural and artificial (eg special perfume with pheromones) origin.

You have to spend a romantic evening together with her lover? And you want to be remembered for a long time? Use it to prepare for various aphrodisiacs. Good champagne, plain dark chocolate, a pleasant fragrance in the room (for example, from a bouquet of fresh roses), seafood, nuts - everything is fine increases sexual desire. This evening certainly not forgotten.

Beautiful product increases libido, is ginseng. Its wonderful properties were known in ancient China and India. Some believe that the root of this plant helps to restore virility even in old age. No wonder that now produce a huge amount of drugs to increase potency extract of ginseng root. Another advantage of this plant is that it begins to operate even when the short-lived use.

Many herbs and seeds are also an aphrodisiac. Cinnamon, cardamom seeds, sesame seeds, nutmeg, basil and many others will help increase your mutual attraction with a partner. Just add a little bit of seasoning in dishes that are going to serve.

Fruit most powerful aphrodisiacs are strawberry, peach and mango. This unusual effect of strawberries on the human body has been known in ancient Rome. And in a French province and to this day the newlyweds served cold strawberry syrup to enhance their sexual attraction to each other.

In many peach contains potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin C, iron, and other macro and micronutrients that are needed for normal functioning of the reproductive system. Just one taste of peach able to set you on a playful way, cause a burst of energy and desire.

In addition, aphrodisiacs may be various aromatic oils and incense. For example, unobtrusive aroma of vanilla, cloves, jasmine or chamomile in the room will help you and your partner to relax, increase libido. Also increase sexual desire help aromas of orange, bergamot, grapefruit, sage, incense, and many others.

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