Kissing health

Kissing health
 It turns out that romantic kissing not only a very pleasant thing, but also good for health lovers. Scientists who originally wanted to prove that they are harmful and even dangerous because they can be used for transmission of infections, were surprised when we received the results of their research. Kiss was effective means by which to treat various diseases.

Physicians Society of sexual problems in Los Angeles, it was found that long kisses, in which dizzy and breathless, a beneficial effect on our circulatory system. In the process of kissing value pulse quickens and reaches up to 110 beats per minute. This heart rate - excellent training the cardiovascular system.

Researchers from Los Angeles failed to prove that after the kiss is over, the lungs begin to work in emergency mode, as the person breathes faster rate, and frequency of breaths increased from 20 to 60 per minute. This "airing" - prevention of lung disease.

Research scientists from the Academy of Dentistry in Chicago proved that kissing prevent tooth decay because it stimulates increased salivation, and it was better than any gum normalizes the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth and neutralizes the acid on the teeth.

In addition, it was found that the tender and passionate lovers who do not feed bread - give kiss, less likely to suffer from periodontal disease - gingivitis. The best remedy for it - massage, and while kissing gums massaged language.

Long kisses, the duration of which is 3 minutes and more, relieve the body from stress and effects, the researchers found it one of Montreal clinics. During a prolonged kiss started a chain reaction of biochemical, destroying "stress hormones."

So - kiss to your health!

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