How to win and keep a man

How to win and keep a man
 It is said that a man and a woman - are two different worlds. Maybe to some extent this is true. You are currently in doubt and do not know how to win and keep you interesting man? Of course, in this matter a lot of difficulties, but still out of any situation there is a way.
 The first thing you need to learn - to understand men. Most of the ladies are convinced that men resemble aliens, and they have a different language, incomprehensible. Still, this view is mistaken. Male psychology is arranged so that the ladies easily understand it. If you want to keep and win a man, you should be aware of the little tricks. You need to be an exemplary wife all day, but when night comes, you must be able to turn into a fiery, passionate, hot mistress. You need to learn all the weaknesses and strengths of their partner. The man in the intima becomes soft, sensitive and delicate. It is important to apply themselves so that he wanted to show their best qualities.

From love to hate is just one step - it's a known truth. To avoid hatred and live forever in love, do not need to show respect to his handpicked any aggression. Since men do not take criticism in his address, they start to get angry, annoyed. If you are still unable to avoid a conflict, it is not worth it to inflate even stronger, better calm down and allow to cool to each other.

To become attractive to the opposite sex, you must discard vulgarity, aggression, become softer and more feminine. Too hard and sharp ladies cause irritation. If you injure his chosen words, you can push him away. You should learn to watch their words, movements. To the representatives of the strong half of mankind aggression women acts as a red rag to a bull. This behavior disrupts their romantic, gentle illusions about us. By stimulating your partner, you can easily lose it. Do not break his harmony, do not laugh at his dreams, support in all endeavors, no matter how improbable they may seem. He needs to feel your support.

One of the important qualities that valued in girls - is the ability to cook. No wonder there is a saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Cook your favorite meals chosen, this you will be able to gain and hold it. All the positive feminine qualities that are so essential to our favorite men inherent in each of us. We can only reveal their confidence.

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