How to teach a man to help around the house

How to teach a man to help around the house
 Word of the house of a man conjures comfort, delicious dinner, order and silence. For women home - housework and care. You wash, clean, cook, wash. It would be great if your loved one and took part in it. But except for excuses not hear anything.

Teach a man to help around the house - a difficult task, but not impossible. First of all, to change their behavior. Forget about the speaker's voice to which you sought, about something, asking a man. Leave sarcasm and comparisons with other men. Humiliation, notations, you just do not get.

Teach a man to domestic work should be gradual. Calmly ask to help a loved one. It is not forbidden to slightly flatter, to cheat. For example, say that with a vacuum cleaner you can not cope so well as he.

Even a little help men commendable of you. Especially if the initiative was it. Gently hug and tell him there's no one better, and you could not have done alone. Thus, the man will be happy to help and the next time.

If your request was left without attention, take a frustrated look tired and get to business itself. Man still notice that you're upset and possibly at other times will change behavior.

Hint to him that if he will wash the dishes before you put the children to bed, you will have more time for lovemaking. Try to assign responsibilities. For example, you - the cook, the husband - takes out the garbage and vacuum cleaners.

Teach a man can take out the garbage, if before going out to deliver garbage bag. In place he did not return, and come up and throw garbage.

Perhaps, homework, which is made your man will not match your views, then tell me how to. If he does not wipe the dishes, explain what the dishes with divorce, which were formed due to the dried drops of water, unpleasant to use.

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