How to refresh relations

How to refresh relations
 Fireworks feelings, passions avalanche, a sea of ​​emotions. Yes, once your relationship was stormy, but now subsided: it is impossible to live permanently elements. But some of the lost forever, you can return - there are ways to make sense of wake up.
 It has long been your sex life is ordered and predictable. And increasingly greater pleasure for a peaceful sleep and not tedious night movements. Try to make sure that everything was different. Examine her husband again, get those sexy little places from which he comes in ecstasy. Do not be lazy, feel free to experiment - and the spouse is also drawn into the process.

You are already accustomed to the fact that her husband is worthy of criticism: socks throws garbage can not stand, a tube of toothpaste does not close. But have you Blessed and dignity. Otherwise, why are you married just for him? Push your memory, remember the good qualities of her husband. Even if you remember not immediately - begin to act: post him coffee in bed, in the bath, rub the back, begin to praise in private and in front of friends. The effect will be stunning!

Perhaps work - your favorite cause. All the same, it is not necessary to drag her problems in the house. Browse documents in the office, not on the couch - next to the one and only man. It is unlikely that in this way you will arouse in him a healthy jealousy. If you do not want the husband is also buried in something your favorite (TV or a stamp collection), pay attention to it, enjoy the present moment, feel the cool that you completely close and giving each other.

Flirt, flirt, flirt with your spouse. Visiting whispering gentle words and provocative, teasing touch of daring, build eyes. If there is an opportunity to engage in a sultry, passionate dance, seduce, intrigue, let's not miss in your community.

Remove the old albums, videos from home archive: arrange a nostalgic evening, remember the glorious past Springtime, first dates, funny, touching moments. Do not be too serious. Feel like you're easy to lift and risible girl, which was once in love with an awkward kid, so matured since then and has become even more attractive.

And your relationship will not only fresh, but also radically changed, will surprise you; the fire of passion flares up brightly and goes off for a long time.

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