How to keep love and career

How to keep love and career
 According to the results of opinion polls, most Russians recognized that their love is more important than career. Indeed, career growth and success in the work depends on your personal qualities: ability to work, intelligence, education, flexibility and responsibility. And to people finding love, the stars have come together inexplicably. And then a little that depends on the persistence and hard work, the energy and flexibility - all this you need a little later, when the question arises: "How to keep love and still succeed even in their careers? »

At all times, the guardian of the hearth has always been a woman, and it does not depend on whether it deals with only family or addition works. Therefore, the responsibility for the safety of the relationship lies mainly in the beautiful half of humanity. However, mistakenly believe the view that you are a whole load of problems and ideas, achievements in the family and entertainment should drag myself. Some initiatives should be left to men. It is necessary to understand exactly how to do it.

Stay woman

Successful promotion through the ranks on the character of woman leaves its mark. To guide people sometimes required rigidity and, of course, leadership qualities. And rightly so, because without the ability to give instructions, to demand results, control and decision-making a successful career and can not wait.

Only hardly need these qualities a woman in marriage. Men do not suffer when they constantly monitor or all of them decide. If your loved one a real man, who throughout should be the first, then the behavior of the big boss at home have to forget. The woman in the family should perform its functions - the organization of work at home, communication with children. How would you earn a lot or, in any case can not assume the duties of men and address issues, such as buying a car or apartment. Must and can participate in them, but do not provide full funding and organize alone. Such errors lead to changes in the relationship. Man loses respect and proper status in the family. It does not strengthen marriage.

Also, do not do housework, which requires physical strength. Spouse should itself to cope with it or ensure its implementation wage workers.

Provide husband sphere romance. Let it organizes family holidays, travel plans. The fact you have "sat at home," a hint to him.

Plan your day each

Without careful planning of every day problems can not be avoided. Try to schedule in which time will be marked not only the task of work, but family matters. And what would you have all hands on deck no matter what happens at work, do not allow yourself to solve the issues in favor of a career, or a spouse and children will simply cease to trust you. To avoid this situation, discuss in advance with your supervisor time to be given to the work. And when you spend time with your family, just mutes the phone.

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