How to identify a man-liar

How to identify a man-liar
 Men are liars very dangerous: they tangle woman invade her life and then destroy it. Victim liar eventually ceases to believe all men, including their selfish windbags, ready to do anything to achieve their goal. Beware that it does not happen to you.
 There are many categories of men liars. The most dangerous of all those who fall in love with a woman, and then robs her and hiding in an unknown direction. Similar professional swindlers very difficult to crack. It is much easier to determine the pickup artist, a married man who pretends to be a bachelor, etc.

Pay attention to the behavior of men and to his words. Typical Pickup Girls will be recognized you in love on the first date, citing romantic poems, try as soon as possible go to the hugs and kisses. If a man says, inspirational speeches, insists that you fell in love at first sight or claims that his fortune teller predicted a long and happy life with you - beware. Certainly before you liar. Sweet recognition and poems very quickly intoxicate women. Be careful: if you succumb to provocations, your self-esteem will be satisfied today, but tomorrow will suffer greatly when lovestruck suddenly disappear, having achieved.

Often men tell stories about themselves and their lives, trying to get the attention and love of a woman. Their goal - to satisfy his ego, to expose themselves rich and successful conqueror of hearts. If a man shows off every time a new car, showing you the luxury models and are confident if I were them, as soon as an ashtray is full - in front of you is a liar. Rather, he simply takes cars for rent. The fact that he wears a gilded chain and seeming luxury watches - not a figure, because counterfeiting nowadays it is easy to buy. Pay attention to his behavior, ask drive you to the restaurant and notice how he reacts to the price and the total amount of the check. Typically, these men simply believe that all women are corrupt and only need the money, so spend time on such liars is not necessary.

If a man claims that he is single and available for a serious relationship - simply follow its behavior and appearance. Photo of his wife silt children may be in his wallet or on your desktop. If even a few months later they met, he does not agree to invite you to his house - it is likely that there's just his family lives. Pay attention to the calls and SMS to where men spend the weekend. Note always whether he was ready to meet with you at your leisure. This will help you determine a lie.

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