How to get rid of love

How to get rid of love
 Wonderful sense of love that pleases and inspires, at one moment can become pain of the heart, from which you want to find a cure. This happens if the relationship gives the crack and the partner is not reciprocated, or the object of love is the one person with whom never destined to be together.
 In many cases, love can be treated as an illness. Especially considering that love - is dependent on the object of adoration, of his opinions, his worldview. This dependence on his presence when you no longer think of ourselves apart from the lover or beloved. Therefore, in order to heal, you must prevent any contact with the source of your illness. It is difficult, but you need to learn to not even think about it. If you already have some kind of relationship, you eliminate from your life all the things that can remind about the desired person. Do not go to those places where you spend time together.

If the thoughts are not left alone, but again and again returned to the rainbow past, when you were at the site, try to use these points for the benefit of themselves. Try to remember past wrongs, carefully search the shortcomings in this man. It is possible that you will be able to look at your relationship from a different angle and find something that you just push away and cool the ardor of love. But clearly, that the whole healing process will take some time and you will have to put a lot of effort. Think about what you're spending this time with someone who just is not worthy of you. The thought of it just prevent you from getting the joy and happiness of this life. And then, perhaps, love will replace the feeling of rejection.

In any case, no matter how painful this process proceeded, here we can also find the benefit for themselves. This is a good time to start something new. You probably already have long dreamed of vacation. Allow yourself to relax on the beach outside the country. Let your life will start to fill new friends, interests, hobbies. You are quite self-sufficient person that is able to live without someone's presence. And most importantly, remember that as long as your heart is occupied by a man who does not need this place, there never will be one who is ready to become the object of your passion and loyalty. And in this case someone is willing to answer you the same.

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