How to develop relations

How to develop relations
 The development of relations means not only work on the mythical "we." It is a process of self-improvement of each of the partners. If you change something in yourself for the better, it invariably will have an impact on the partner.  
 Often only hinders their own development relationship. Men, because of its thoroughness, do not like sudden changes. Therefore, women are often faced with the problem of "how to develop a relationship." If you do not pay attention to what your man does not have time for you, then you can run so far ahead that the return will no longer make sense.

The gap sometimes becomes a natural ending relationships. If the reason - the difference between the aspirations of the partners, it is important to find out whether this man does not give any development? Any relationship is not coincidental. Look to your partner and ask yourself whether you are in the same traits that so annoy him? Nobody is perfect.

Not ideal partner can not interfere with the development of relations. Dissatisfaction with someone means dissatisfaction. The relationship is not a commodity market with a set of qualities. If you can not love your partner because of the crooked nose, it's no love in you, not in it. And that you need to be engaged in the development, rather than trying to change it.

Perfectionism and does not contribute to the development of any relationship. Complexity contribute to the development partners in the alliance. Anyone putting yourself in the other partner, gradually takes all its qualities. And it is this process contributes to the development of each individual. Should not be required from someone changes without changing himself.

There are situations much more difficult when your personal development is inhibited partner. Before you serious choice - professional advancement or relationships? It is important to understand why you are making the choice is not in favor of the person you once took his soul and heart.

What motives are driven by you? Are you afraid that your personal development will create complexes with a partner? Or are you genuinely love the new work thousands of miles from home? Motive of fear is usually created under the pressure of society and prejudice. This is not something to be trusted.

In order to develop the relationship, the two must learn to accept the aspirations and desires of each other. If a woman becomes a shadow of her husband, then this relationship will not lead to anything good. Each partner should love yourself. That man, a woman will change the direction of the development of relations and every time someone has to find himself in a new world. And just for the novelty of being chased so all couples hoping for a joint development.

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